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Bayonne, NJ

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Visual artist of erotic and pop art.

Visual artist of erotic and pop art.

Living most of my life in Hudson County of New Jersey, I grew up enjoying pop culture from the 80’s through the present with her family. As a mother of three children I have been influenced by pop culture from various perspectives and generations. After achieving an Associate Degree in Graphic Design in 2011 I began to focus more on illustration and painting. Although working mostly with acrylic paints, ink, and digital I do not limit myself to these specific mediums. The popular culture throughout the years has been a huge inspiration in my life so I have developed an eclectic taste of style and themes, which include surrealism, art nouveau, grunge, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, comedy, and many more. These all merge to make up the subjects I am most passionate about. My style reflects that of whimsy and dark themes chiefly because of my joy of laughter as a remedy to help get through rough times.