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Art by Latinsilver

Bayonne, NJ

This shop is:

  • Women Owned
  • Parent Owned
  • Minority Owned

Welcome to Latinsilver's Threadless Shop!

Welcome to Latinsilver's Threadless Shop!

The art by Latinsilver utilizes bold and vibrant color schemes. They display whimsical and introspective concepts. And they deliver sensual and raw figures of aesthetic pleasures. Having an interest in the pop culture and exploring her feminine side, the paintings became therapeutic and a way for Latinsilver to journal her explorations of personal growth and esoteric subjects. She developed her own representational technique of relief sculpting by recycling scraps of dried up, used acrylic paint and molding paste. Her method of relief adds texture and areas of focus that are meant to entice viewers to engage with the paintings by sight and touch.

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